Norfolk Island Trekking on Phillip Island

7kms south of Norfolk lies Phillip Island. A haven for nesting seabirds, awe inspiring landscapes, endemic and unique flora and fauna. Join us on a unique and exclusive guided trek that will become the highlight of your Norfolk Island experience!

The Treks are run in response to demand & weather conditions. Suitable for people of average fitness – not suitable for people with heart complaints, mobility restrictions etc.

Trekkers will need to bring the following: Sun Protection, Tramping type footwear, Clothing which allows free movement, Backpack, Spare pair of socks (often the landing at Phillip is wet), Water.

We provide: An experienced local trekking guide whilst on the island, Refreshments, An unforgettable experience!

Potential trekkers should make contact soon after their arrival to check timetable. Duration is 4.5hrs – 7.30am to 12.00pm

We cannot drop visitors on Phillip Island unaccompanied.